15 Best Colleges and Universities in New York City (NYC) 2020


Searching for the best institution in New York City? I will help you out because; New York City is a habitat for major top universities of higher studies! And a novice can never find it easy to make a good choice due to the numerous colleges! Therefore, if you’re dreaming of schooling in New York City top universities, for your degree certificate, you’ll like what I have here! 

Coming to New York City is the ultimate decision you’re making here, so I will assist you via my ranking of 15 best schools here! At least, 130 universities engaging in four-year degree-awarding programs are available, but I have the top 15 for you! Also, dozens of institutions are within State University, and City University, New York, with most popularly and publicly quality educational chances!

The opportunities comprise of large research institutions, small size liberal art colleges, medium-sized colleges, and some federal military institutions. Included in the offer are numerous specialized institutions within the rural, urban, and suburban sections. I stated the unique features and advantages of all universities here. You’ll see data on academic offers, specific enrolment options, with services to scholars!

15 Best Colleges and Universities in New York City 2020

With such a significant number of schools and colleges to consider, it might be hard for a 17-year-old to settle on an informed choice. To enable scholars to pick the best option, I chose to compose a list that examines schools and colleges in the New York City zone. I have this well-informed list, here for you! Tag along!

1. Columbia University

Three renowned schools make up the college undergrad program: Columbia College, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the School of General Studies. Columbia is positioned in the third spot across the country, and the school is a best-esteem college. Columbia acknowledges just 6% of candidates every year, and its yearly educational cost and charges are $59,430. Columbia University is at the top of my list of best universities in New York because of its qualitative education techniques!

2. New York University (NYU)

NYU features an enlistment of 51,123 students. It is the biggest tuition-based school in the United States and has scored the 30th grade in the country. If you are looking for a degree in theater and film, go to Tisch School of the Arts! NYU is among the state universities in NYC that flourish in central Manhattan. Yearly educational costs and expenses cost $51,828.

3. Fordham University

Fordham University occupies major sections of New York City; Fordham equips scholars with solid Big Apple experience. Fordham is positioned #70 in the United States. Its area of coverage comprises of Speech Communications, Rhetoric, Business Administration and Management. Yearly educational costs and expenses are $52,248. Looking for a great university in New York? Try this one!

4. Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College is a prestigious private college located in Yonkers, New York. Founded in 1926, the college has been ranking highly among the liberal arts colleges in the country, reason why it makes it to the fourth spot in my comprehensive guide. If you are a talented individual with an interest in arts, then this is a leading college that you can rely on to developing your skills. For nearly six years now, Sarah Lawrence College’s graduation rates are 40 percent for dark-complexioned scholars, 37 percent for Hispanic students and 62 percent for Asian and Pacific Islanders.

5. Polytechnic Institute of New York University – Brooklyn

The Polytechnic Institute of New York University makes it to the fifth position of my top universities list. The Brooklyn-based institute is a mid-size four-year private college offering both graduate and undergrad programs. The polytechnic is also the second oldest of its kind and is an ideal option for students more interested in Scientific courses. Based on recent statistics, the university enrolls approximately 4500 students, both undergraduate and graduate, and was ranked 226th nationally.

6. Queens College of the City University of New York

Do you prefer schooling closer to New York City? You lack the money to sprinkle on Columbia? Or are you looking for any of the city schools without costly foundations? Think about Sovereigns Colleges, which is one of the colleges in New York City! You’ll only pay a cool $7,138 a semester! It offers a hurricane of undergrad and graduate projects. Being situated in Flushing implies that students don’t have to contend with Manhattan lease costs. Get registered here for a dream come true!

7. Cornell University

I have Cornell University as my seventh university. Being established in 1865, it’s an Ivy League college that reliably performs exceptionally in world rankings. Cornell University’s 2,300-section of the land foundation is in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of New York State. The grounds are sufficiently tremendous to contain increasing trails for investigation by students! Its closeness to Ithaca makes it a popular place and most loved, with foodies! It can be a nice option for you!

8. CUNY City College of New York

CUNY City College was built as Free Academy in New York in 1847. It aims at offering free training to the offspring of outsiders and poor dependents on scholarly legitimacy. In 1849, the principal president Dr. Horace Webster stated that the test will be attempted, notwithstanding consequences arising from training offspring of specific and offspring of other individuals globally. According to him, the accomplishment of their aim is neither by the privileged nor by the less privileged. CUNY City College is one of the ten senior schools of City University of New York (CUNY). It’s the biggest urban-open top-level organization in the US renowned for its various substitute bodies.

9. Cunny Hunter College

CUNY Hunter College is a standout amongst other state-funded colleges and a top school in City University of New York (CUNY). It was set up in the 1970s, as open universities in the US. Tracker offers undergrad and advanced educations in more than 170 regions of study. They’re separated across its schools of Arts and Sciences, Education, Nursing, Social Work, Health Professions, Urban Public Health.

10. The New School

This is a private, cutting edge college situated in Greenwich, New York, and established in 1919. In 1933, its doctoral level college turned into a University in Exile – an asylum for researchers dodging scholarly systems like extremist Italy and Nazi Germany. Consequent to contention at Columbia University in New York, the school is related with remarkable figures which include; financial expert Thorstein Veblen, analyst Erich Fromm, political savant Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss and logician Hans Jonas.

11. CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College

CUNY Bernard M Baruch College is a top and popular university in the US. It’s one out-of-ten top school of New York City University, (CUNY). It’s an urban top open school and a significant level foundation in the US. The institute is popular for its moral and diversified alternate bodies. The college teaches alternate courses in at least 110 dialects! Furthermore, their underlying foundations exist in at least 170 nations.

12. Pace University-New York

The university is within the New York metropolitan zone. They’ve activity grounds in New York City and Westchester County. Being established in 1906, its 257-section of landmasses covers urban sections of the city. Undeniably, it’s for students wishing to investigate New York. To empower learners, the college has a van administration, which gives transportation within New York City, White Plains, and Pleasantville-Briarcliff grounds.

13. Colgate University

Colgate University is in New York City also! It is perhaps the most established organization in the North East, a private human sciences school of 1819. It was initially the Baptist Education Society of New York state and became Madison University from 1846 until 1890. That was when it embraced its present name to thank the Colgate family for their commitment to the foundation!

14. Barnard College

Bernard College in New York City was established in 1889 due to Columbian University’s refusal to allow ladies in scholarly projects! Today, it remains the top established lady schools on earth, and the main ladies’ school in New York. When Columbia University got coeducational in 1983, Barnard College chose to remain lawfully and monetarily separate even though partnered with it. With it, some chosen scholastic and athletic projects were joined!

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15. Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University has four grounds in New York City established by various undergrad and graduate schools. The master’s level college for medication and law is especially prestigious, and permission is exceptionally specific. Most college students are Jewish, while numerous scholars in graduate schools are not. Both mainstream and Jewish training is offered on all projects!


Top universities and colleges are scattered all around New York City. It is quite confusing for you if you are seeking to find your dream institute! Cities like Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, and Ithaca and in their State capital are not excluded here! You’re seeking to study in one, aren’t you? That makes you my number one beneficiary!
My list is via consideration of numerous researches from global scholars. With highlights on 15 best New York City colleges, your search is over! My selection of top universities was based on accreditations, locations, qualifications, and levels of a global reorganization. Furthermore, I rank them according to the rigorous evaluation of academic admission techniques, students’ life information via the United States education department. Other rankings were also from reviews of alumni and students! This article is an easy guide to you as you consider picking the University of your Dream in New York! Ride on!

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