Cookie Policy

Our privacy policy and terms of use explain when it comes to collect and use of any user data. Here on this page, we tell how we, our partners and third parties deploy cookies and how to control them.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data in a small file which loads in your browser with the website. The cookies may be stored in users hard drive or web browser. The cookie doesn’t collect any personal or bank details. We only use it to track our user browsing preferences, so we can customize our website accordingly and serve excellent user experience.

How we use cookies?

We use cookies to help us to improve user experience and serve personalized content. We use Google Analytics to track our user most visited pages. Google Analytics may place some cookies in your browser to track it. You can read their privacy policy and cookie policies. We also use Adsense, for which Google uses cookies to serve more personalized ads. Read their detailed policies below:


Google analytics

Social Media Cookies

To expand our content reach, we share and embed content from social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The websites have their cookies to track users. When you visit these websites, we don’t have control over them, so make sure to read their detailed policies before accessing them.

Controlling Cookies

CareerChrist will never use cookies to collect any personal details of the user. If any user wants to use the website without cookies, they may disable or block cookies. In that case, our website or some functions of it may not work correctly, or the website may also be stopped working entirely.

Consent for Advertising Cookies on Our Sites

When you visit our website, you agree to use of cookies as mentioned here on this page. The user who want more control over their visits, they can customize their browser settings accordingly. If you don’t agree with our cookie policies, please avoid using our website.