Why Choose Digital Marketing as Your Career Option – Top 03 Reasons

Digital Marketing can be defined as the use of the online medium to market or promote business products or services. It does not need to explain that Digital Marketing is growing faster, and it is now the first choice for every startup in comparison to traditional methods of marketing. After reading below provided the top three reasons, you will have the answer to your question Why Choose Digital Marketing as Your Career Option?

Reason 1 – Growing Demand for Digital Advertising

Let’s talk about some Statistics & Facts. In 2015, only the United States spent 170 billion U.S. dollars on digital advertising, and it is expected to grow to more than 330 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. Check the below graph to outlook the statistics of digital advertising revenue worldwide 2017-2023.

Now you can imagine the growing demand for Digital Marketing.

One more thing we need to address here is, due to COVID-19, 2020, in the present year may see less spending on Digital Advertising, but if you closely monitor, it is the only way companies have now to promote their products and services during coronavirus where the whole world is under lockdown.

Startups and Fortune companies spend millions of dollars on digital advertising and to handle such kinds of budgets companies’ needs experts, which can spend hefty budgets efficiently and get an ROI (Return on Investment). We are sure after reading this reason; you may know why you should opt for digital marketing as a career.

Reason 2 – World’s Top Job Platform is saying

We don’t need to explain what is the importance of Linkedin in anyone’s professional life. Over 62 million professionals in India have a Linkedin profile. Linkedin has released the 2020 emerging jobs report in which Digital Marketing Specialist has secured 13th position. It is enough to prove what is the growing importance of this career option and why should you choose Digital Marketing as your career option.

Reason 3 – High Salary Package

As per Indeed.com, the average salary for a digital marketer is $61,305 per year in the United States. The pay may vary from entry-level to experience level. It’s up to the candidates as well as how they perform in the Interview and how they negotiate with the HR. But no company wants to lose talent, so if you are good enough, then you have the job. But on average Digital Marketer are getting good package as comparison to other professions.


We hope after reading the above points, you have your answer, and it would be easy for you to choose a career in Digital Marketing. The most prominent example is in front of you, in the pandemic time, which is due to COVID- 19, almost every business is facing the heat, and they have no source of advertisement except using digital mode. Digital Marketing is becoming a need for business, and which one doesn’t follow this norm may not achieve that success. If you are choosing a career in Digital Marketing, then you are making a smart choice. It would be best if you become an expert in digital skills to show the startup or any company how they can win in the Digital world.

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