20 Most Common Job Interview Questions & How to Answer

Are you preparing to go for a job interview? Interviewees are always afraid of the interview questions that they are normally asked. This article prepares you for possible questions that are likely to be asked in a job interview and how to tackle them.  All in all, the only secret behind successful answering of these questions is through early preparation.

Most common job interview questions

Question 1. Tell us about yourself


In this question, the interviewer normally wants to find out whether you are the best candidate for this position or not. You need to be as brief and precise as possible. Make sure that you touch on all your personal information. Do not give too little, and do not exaggerate as well. Talk about your educational background, best hobbies, where you were brought up as well as what inspires you in life. Make sure that your personal experiences and interests are on point.  How about a showcase to make this interesting and informative?

Question 2. What do you know about this company?


There is no doubt that it is impossible to know everything about the employer as well as an organization from outside. But, it is crucial to know the basic as the product, objectives, and market, among others.  Keep in mind that an employer does not expect you know everything about an organization form the website, have a clear view of which we really are, products, services as well as how to improve the company.

What employer expects you know:

  • Major competitors
  • Goals and objectives
  • Culture and values
  • Industry
  • Key challenges

Be enthusiastic, get the facts right, and make sure that your significant knowledge about the business.

Question 3. What are your weaknesses?


No human is perfect, including your employer; hence do not lie to them that you do not have any weaknesses. Do not lie that you are a perfectionist. Keep in mind that you are a human being, not a robot. This is a perfect opportunity to identify something in you that you would like to improve.  After mentioning your weakness, make sure that you mention how you are willing to resolve it.  The employer is keen on how you answer this question as it shows how much you are willing to invest in your professional development.

Question 4. Why do you want to work for us?


This is one of the best interview questions that employers ask as they want to find out your motivations towards the business.  An employer wants to know whether you are interested in the job title or salary, team fit, brand as well as location.  Remember that people have different tastes; hence one brand may not be a perfect choice for two different people. Candidates are likely to be disqualified if they do not answer this question correctly. For instance, form their answers, it would be easy to tell whether a candidate has the interest of the company at heart or is simply interested in salary or testing the market.

Question 5. What are your hobbies outside of work?


This interview question is normally asked when the employer wants to know more about your personality. They want to know if you are a perfect member of the team or not. Even though this is an informal question, how it is answered matters a lot. Employers want to find out if you can cooperate with your teammates as well as help others. That is why it is vital to mention if you are part of a sports team as well as a community group. Furthermore, do not lie if you do not do these things. How about watching movies, dancing, reading as well as cycling?

Question 6. What is your greatest strength?


Let the interviewer know about your qualifications. Concentrate on your abilities, which will be the key to success in the job that you are being interviewed for. The manager must know how you are intending to make use of your strengths in improving their business.

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Question 7. Why should we hire you?


Here, the employer wants to find out if you are the right candidate for the job. They will want to find out if you have all the required qualifications.  Explain to yourself why you are the right candidate for the position. Moreover, your response must be short, precise, and informative. Feel confident and comfortable as you express yourself regarding this question.

Question 8. Why are you leaving your current job?


When responding to these questions, avoid talking ill about your workmates as well as the employer.  This will show the employer that you are not easy to work with. It shows the degree of your unprofessionalism.

On the other hand, why not talk about why you are interested in the new role that you are applying for and how you are willing to explore the opportunities that wait. Keep in mind that your answer should be positive and appealing.

Question 9. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?


This is one of the most common interview questions that the employer pays much attention to.  Your answer should demonstrate that you have objectives, and you are ambitious. You must be realistic and honest. Do not exaggerate.

Do not be so much into money as well as starting your own business. Consider your potential and ambitions and put them into context.  This shows that you are a self-driven and committed person.

Question 10. What are your salary expectations?


Every employer wants to know your expectations regarding your salary as a good budget matters a lot in a business.  Did you know that your answer can knock you out of the competition for the job you are applying to? Be keen as overprice is risky, and underprice can lead you to be shortchanged with a lower offer.

Question 11. Why do you want this job?


This is a perfect job interview question that allows you to let the interviewer know that you know that you are conversant with the job as well as the company. You need to carry out a thorough background check on that specific company, its products, and services.  Mention specifically why you are the best fit for the job and state a suitable position that suits your qualifications.

Question 12. What can you bring to the company?


Here the employer simply wants to compare your skills with the rest of the interviewees.  They want t find out about your unique selling point is they are simply targeting some of the reasons why you should be hired.

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Question 13. How do you handle stress and pressure?


The employer wants to find out how you will react, especially when things are not working your way. Do you lose it during difficult situations? Everyone experiences stress at one point in life, be it in the office, at home, or school, but all that matters is how we overcome it.

Question 14. What did you learn from your previous position?


Employers want to know if you are an ambitious and quick learner. They want to know if you can share your experience as well as learn from other people to improve their business.

Question 15. What motivates you?


There is no doubt that everyone’s answer will differ, as we are all inspired by different things.  The employers want to know what makes you special and your value as well. While answering this question, make sure that you say why. Avoid mentioning that money is what motivates you because you might lose that job.

Question 16. Do you prefer working by yourself or working in a team?


Working on your own as well as working in a group is all-important.  Let the employer know that you can work in both conditions because they are equally important.  Even though it is crucial to have a preference, you must show that you are comfortable working in both scenarios.

Question 17. Tell us about an achievement you are proud of?


This is also one of the most common interview questions that you are likely to be asked.   The answer should be work as well as academic-related. Do not talk about your personal life, not unless it has a relationship with your work.

It is clear that one is likely to have a trail of achievements in life, but when answering these questions, make sure that you make the right choice of your answer. Whichever the achievement, make sure that you mention your challenges, how you tackled them as well as your confidence.  Mention your achievements proudly and trigger a good response from your employer.

Question 18. What do you know about the company?


Prior to your interview, research well about that company, its brand, products, services as well as employees.  The interviewer wants to know if you are aware of the company, such as the services and products offered, among other things.  Learn more about the background of the business, its size, number of employees as well as when the business was started.

Do not turn in for an interview without competence regarding this aspect.  The degree of your preparedness increases your chances of getting employed.

Question 19.  Why do you think you are a perfect candidate for this position?


The employer wants to find out your qualifications, experience as well as commitment. No one wants to employ someone who brings nothing to the table.

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Question 20. What is your experience?


Even though most people think that experience is nothing compared to qualifications, it is worth attesting that some problems are likely to be solved by experience and not qualifications.

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