10 Best Job Search Sites in the USA for Freshers and Experienced

Everyone knows that finding a job online is much easier than finding somewhere else. It was much tougher to find a job 10 years earlier but nowadays, the internet is available everywhere so not difficult. Some are the best job portals to find great opportunities in good organizations. Searching for a job online is a perfect thing to save time and it will reduce half of frustration. We can check job locations, various positions, salary details, and other basic formalities, etc.

What are the best job search sites?

Job search sites are online websites that allow searching for a job according to preferences and needs. These portals collect job data from different organizations and put various vacancies information in recent, featured and category-wise for a job required the person to make things easier or even some good firms also place jobs directly.

In this vast world, there are so many jobs always available in the different fields of the private sector, it is nearly impossible to find and apply for each available job. It is recommended to always search for a job related to ability and work skills. In the various huge job portals, big companies post regular jobs to find the perfect personality for their company, so most websites do not charge a fee from the user to find a job but some charges accordingly.

Now, we are going to share the list of best job search sites with their process. Here is a list of top job search sites in the USA-

1. Indeed

Indeed, is one of the most popular job search sites in the USA and probably one of the best job search sites in 2017. It asks for common details like education level, skills, home locations etc. and suggests a job that perfectly suits preferences accordingly. These advantages make this online job portal one of the best online job search sites.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest growing network of professionals and companies. It also helps to find a job in the local network as well as in a city. This website is also famous in the USA as well as in the whole world. Some of the best features make it unique from all other online job portals which show only jobs.

Instead of showing jobs directly, as the name suggests, it links people who are from the same field or the same background and most probably know is other. People can connect here and search for jobs given to them by the people they know. This increases the chances of getting a job easily.

3. ZipRecruiter

It is a platform where jobs and freelance work can be found easily. Candidates can also be hired here. This website is easy to use and find jobs with relevant skills within a short time or one can also search full time and part-time work from here. All these things make it easier to use for small scale businesses as well as new startups and students and non-working people also.

4. Glassdoor

In the best online job search sites, one can also find Glassdoor in the top job portals and still, Glassdoor has its specialty and no exception. It allows researching companies and even comparing salaries so that anyone can find the best jobs available in the USA. It also gives various features to search for a job and show excellent results according to the requirement.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is mainly recognized for its role in selling different materials but, it is also good for job search. It was started in 1995 by Craig Newmark which converted this name into a website in 1996. Today it’s in over 70 countries with excellent results. Apart from selling items online, it can be used to meet new people, find jobs in the popular locations of the USA. One can also sell some old stuff to make some extra bucks on the Craigslist.

6. Google jobs

Almost everyone knows that Google is also one of the largest workforces but most people don’t know that they can also find top jobs here. While a person searches for jobs on Google then it redirects to the career page where you can search a job related to skills, find and apply directly. Google makes this portal very convenient and easier for students and job finding a person. So, one can easily find a job on this portal in less than 30 seconds.

7. Monster

Monster.com is one of the most famous job search sites. It shows the latest job openings online from various fields in one place. One can find any type of job eg. from part-time freelancing jobs to full-time jobs. It also provides facility to search jobs around for a particular location. Besides, there are job experts on the Monster who provide the best career advice. It is a simple browsing option making the job searching process easier and faster.

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8. Simply Hired

Simply hired is another famous job search site in the USA. There is a list of jobs that makes it easy to find the best job related to a person’s skills. It also offers salary estimates on each vacancy for the specific areas so one can easily estimate salary even before applying to the requirement. There are dedicated sections for work from home, local work etc to make it easier to browse. They also provide a list of top salaries in all categories making you decide how much scope is there in the job you want to do.

9. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is a good source of getting job opportunities with the help of various tools. The salary tools available to compares the salary of similar jobs tells about these skills that are missing so we can upgrade skills and get the best out of it. Another special feature is quick to apply. Don’t need to fill up data entry every time while applying for a job. Just one click and the application for the job is completed.

10. JobLister

Joblister is another job portal, provides category wise jobs and also shares articles regularly to improve knowledge online. These articles are related to tips and tricks to increase skills so this is also a good job portal. Articles are written by professionals and they provide practical information and give results. So one can browse a job by selecting the category and find a job related to field interest. This makes things easier and helpful.

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Dos and don’ts

Many people take the policies of job search sites lightly and start work before having a look at its terms and conditions. But some online job search sites have very strict terms and conditions to stop the misuse of these sites. So you must go through the policies of these websites before using them.

Here are some do’s and don’ts which you must take care of before using these sites:

a. Most of the top job search sites restrict to use direct communications and money transfer order to use websites properly and to stay safe always.

b. Job portals don’t take responsibility for the jobs which they are showing on their site, so you must able to do full research before applying for a job in any company.

c. Must need to take an offer letter regarding the job details with the term and conditions. You must read them properly and only start a job after reading all the details carefully.

d. Stay updated and upgrades skills from time to time to get more job opportunities in the best organizations.

e. Knowledge of a particular field is required to do a job in a specific area and learn something. This ensures you can take responsibility while start working on a job.

f. Do not apply for all the jobs that you see there. When you open these sites, you will see thousands of jobs waiting for a person. Most people apply for as many jobs as they can without even reading the details of the job properly. This will waste time and effort. So take some time and read the details of the job so only apply in the selected jobs for which you think eligible.

g. Never stop searching for a job on the most popular job search sites. Don’t hold your career in a low-class job; you can always search for the latest job offers. You will surely get a better one then now doing.

h. All the websites have the link of the job which takes you out of the website, but only after a click on the link.

Most of the Job links will ask you to fills your basic details while you will find the best job search sites in the USA. Do not feel details unless you are sure about the job and the job provider. It may be spam and there may be a risk of privacy also.

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