How to Save Your Job amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing major disruption in the global economy as travel bans are imposed, supply chains are broken down, and people are advised to practice “Social distancing,” almost every country is affected by it. It has already been reported that one-fifth of US workers are losing their jobs due to the pandemic. 18% of American households have reported that one member of their family has either reduced their work hours or lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the summer approaches, Millions of more job losses are expected. This will leave many people looking for unemployment insurance benefits to help them get through the crisis. Worker layoff is an inevitable part of the economic crisis, like the one we are facing right now and living through. Unfortunately, job losses carry a high price for the economy and individuals, workers have less income to support their families, and as most of the jobs are tied with health insurance, workers lose access to health insurance as well. Laying off employees will force employers to spend additional time and money to rebuild the workforce as the economy improves after the crisis. 

In the pandemic times, where employees fear for their jobs, if you suspect your job is in danger, there is still a chance for you to prove yourself valuable to your employer. Here are a few tips which can help you save your job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Analyze the danger signs

Before panicking about job security, take a few moments to analyze your situation, whether there is something to worry about or not. There are certain pointers which should get you worried, which include:


if other people are being assigned work that is primarily your responsibility and you are not assigned different responsibilities regarding your position, it is possible that a scenario is being analyzed where you don’t exist. 

Communication gap

if you feel out of the loop where you are not aware of the things going on in your workplace.

If you notice the above, you need to take immediate action and take things back under your control, pull responsibilities back to yourself. 

What you can do?

Discuss with your boss

If you feel like out of place and not important, it is high time to discuss the matters clearly with your boss. It is essential if your boss is out of touch lately, and you feel your job security is threatened during these uncertain times. Discuss with your boss about why you are not being informed that will show that you are concerned about the job and about performing better. On the contrary, it could just be that your boss is busy dealing with the economic crisis but having an honest communication can lead to long term job security as well, tell your boss that how loyal you are and are willing to go the extra mile for the good of the company in difficult times.

Play an active role in the performance improvement plan

Many companies have a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) designed for employees that are struggling in their job performance and meeting deadlines. To prove to your boss that you are serious about your job and play your part in the company’s success, you can ask your boss regarding areas of improvement and work strictly on those, show resilience and determination to get the work done in time. Craig Morantz, CEO of Kira Talent, a video interviewing platform, said that “You have to suffer from the regret of not doing something you could have done earlier or you can learn through the pain of discipline, ask for coaching, mentorship, and feedback. Don’t wait around for your boss o fire you”.

Go the extra mile

Improving your performance on your PIP is a good start to secure your job; however, going the extra mile for your company and boss could have a very positive impact on your job in the long-term. Research about the areas your company is exploring ad what skill set is required for them. Make yourself an expert on those areas so that when the time comes, you can provide valuable insights on those and solidify your position in the company. Harness your interpersonal skills and communication, and actively participate in the meetings, give your views and suggestions, make yourself heard and well-known in the company.

Make lasting changes and upgrade your skills

When you feel that your job is in danger, especially in difficult times like the ones we are living through, you need to start working on the areas you lack. You were hired for your skills that are still there; you just need to polish and learn new skills that can make you appear like a valuable asset for your company. As the world is moving towards work from home tech, equip yourself with the latest software and the one your company is using. Stay ahead of the game and make yourself stand out from the other employees by working a little extra.

Comparison between saving job in pandemic times vs. in normal life

Now that you know how you can secure your job during the pandemic time let’s compare saving your job in pandemic vs. normal life


While technology is a valuable asset in any given time, in times of the pandemic, its importance and usage are fivefold. A person with a sound technology background will be less susceptible to the layoff than an employee who has less or no technology background. 

While, in normal times, if an employee is adding value to the company and working on his position without having a technology background is not likely to be laid off. 

Job hunting

In pandemic time, job hunting can be pretty stressful when companies are cutting down on their workforce already, and new job offerings are scarce. Employees try their best to stay in their jobs to prevent financial crises for their families.

In normal life, as there are numerous job openings, one can find a job with research and hard work, but it isn’t as stressful as it is in pandemic time. 


As the media spikes fear regarding COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic impact, huge employee layoffs are happening to lighten the burden and save revenue for the company, and employees are burdened with more work than ever.

During normal life, as the workload is stable and even if an employee is burdened with more work, it is temporary for some time and is paid for over-time. But such is not the case in pandemic times. People have to work extra to secure their jobs. 

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