Coronavirus Alert! Must Take Steps by Employees and Employers

Coronavirus Alert

The planet Earth is facing many vital calamities throughout the year, but, these days it is surrounded by a cruel and deadly virus named as Coronavirus, i.e. COVID-19. The virus spread over 57 countries was originated from the Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province.

According to the people judgements, this virus is caused by the Bat. The South China Agricultural University confirms this fact by arguing that it is transmitted from Bats to the humans through the host named as Pangolin. 

It is reported by the Tedros Adhanom (Chief of World Health Organization) that more than 78,190 and 2790 cases of COVID-19 had been reported in People Republic of China and the other affected countries respectively. He also stated that more than 3000 people are dead by this virus that made our world panicked and surprised. 

Although, the mortality rate of this disease is 2 pc that is comparatively low as compare to Sars (9 pc), its immensely fast transmission through the air (either by coughing, sneezing or touching) make this disease an uncontrollable curse. The massive replication of the disease has made a disastrous collapse to the Chinese and the world economy that requires urgent progressive attention. 

The collapse of the economy is proportional to the inevitable conditions under which the industries and businesses are not operational. The shutdown is due to the implicit and explicit fears of the employers and employees that make them slow in pitching their services and duties.

Thus, there are various steps that must be taken by the employers and employees to bring their work at the right track under measured conditions.

Here are some steps that the employers can take to run out of bounds. 

1. Negotiate with the High Officials (Especially for China)

China is a country where the communist party has ruled for decades as a one-man show. They have bounded their netizens in all aspects of life to maintain the ethical boundaries of the country. However, these government restrictions are often problematic for the democracy of their netizens all around the year, but the outbreak of Corona demands the netizens especially the employers to cooperate with the government to boost the national economy instead of the law abrogation. The same rule of thumb is applied for multi-national employers to command their employees under government directions. 

2. Spraying the Workplace

The cure of this pandemic is still under research, and it will take a minimum of six months to be available in the market. But, there are some recommended sprays in the market that can help to eliminate the virus ranging from some hours to a day. Thus, it is obligatory for employers to spray the workplace regularly to secure the human workforce. 

3. Employee Support Program

Employees are the backbone of the company through which the company is able to generate tons of revenue. Hence these steps must be taken by the employers to support the employees:

  • Provide the hand wash and gels to the employees for keeping the hygiene.
  • If the person is victimized by COVID-19, the special leave with pay shall be provided.
  • With the outbreak, the employees either belong to different cities of the country or the foreigners must be quarantined that will take 14 days or so. Thus, it is the responsibility of the employers to allow these workers to work from home at the full salary.
  • Company is responsible for providing complete or partial protective gadgets to their employers.

4. Rescue the Business

The suppressing conditions around the world have made an obligatory sense for the owners to restructure the business plan in order to reform their losses. It is now mandatory for the employers to rephrase their business proposal to attain the maximum paybacks with minimum losses. In parallel, the employers should also consider keeping the work-life balance in their organizations to soothe their employees as well as to meet the need of their customers.

5. Allow the Remote Work

In China, South Korea, Japan and other surrounding areas, the work pace at the offices has been reduced due to the viral calamity, thus demand the employers to allocate the work to their employees at home to meet the customer requirements and other expenses. Thus, an appropriate remote work proposal must be encouraged among the employers to maintain the work pace. 

In parallel to the employers, employees also need to take the appropriate steps to win the race against the coronavirus:

Keep Personal Hygiene and Proper Health Checkup

At this step, employees must understand that they are the most valuable asset to the organization. So, it is their obligation to keep their personal hygiene by following the health specialist’s advice. They will also schedule the regular health checkups in order to maintain their and organization health status. 

Follow the Official and Organization Dictations

Nowadays, officials and organization are playing the role of the parents, while the employee is the child. It is compulsory for the employee to follow the directions of their organizational parents in order to achieve a regular lifestyle. This will help the employees to keep their progress, health and group status healthy that leads to the individual or collective success. 

Prepare to Work from Home

Working from home is both make a person sluggish and demotivated towards their work. But, it is mandatory for an employee to keep himself motivated by working at home. The employee must take positive steps and attitude in order to help this company steady and successful. 

Maintain the Work-Life Balance

The corona outbreak demands the person to take extra care of himself to achieve excellent prevention. As prevention is best than cure, so the employees must keep a work-life balance to maintain their health and progress at the same time. According to the common observation, the countries in Asia demands more working hour from their employers, but this outbreak demands that the rules must be changed in order to achieve progressive balance.

Avoid Travelling

This virus has a compulsive restriction to restrict unusual travels and group gatherings in order to lessen the spread. Thus, it is mandatory for employees to restrict fieldwork and unnecessary travels to maintain their personal health and limit the viral spread. 

Overall, Coronavirus a.k.a. the COVID-19 has been reported as a deadly virus and is included in the list of the deadly viral diseases along with the 14th century Black Death, HIV/AIDS, 1918 Influenza respectively. The COVID-19 is following the same disastrous routine as their ancestral partners did; thus, in order to prevent this calamity, the collective measures must be taken to prevent the social and economic downfall.

In order to prevent these downfalls, the employers and employees are the vital entities who are restricted to take the positive steps as mentioned above to keep the economy healthy and wealthy. 

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