10 Best Online Colleges in 2020 to Get Online Education

The digital age has indeed made it easier to achieve our desired goals, no matter wherever we live. The digitalization of the world has also impacted the education sector on a global scale. A person living in any part of the globe can have easy access to education through the internet. Major colleges and universities around the globe have now been making their way to a more compact and digitalized version of education. We have come up with the top 10 best online colleges and universities available for international students to have easy access to the best education available in the USA. These colleges and universities are top-rated due to their quality education, programs, highly qualified faculty and the best online assistance to make the education available worldwide through the internet.

Top 10 best online colleges and universities in the US

When it comes to choosing some highly renowned and well-reputed college/university in the US, there is a long list of such institutions where you can pursue your desired degree program and make way for future achievements. These colleges are the best platforms for the students who are looking for degree programs in their relevant fields and offering their students a high-level of education. These colleges offer a wide variety of degree programs, for both undergrad and postgraduate levels.

1. UMass Online, University of Massachusetts

Developed in 2001, UMass online was an initiative by the University of Massachusetts, to provide much need assistance for online education both locally and internationally. The main goal for UMass is to provide students with a platform on which they can learn things in a more connected and interactive environment. 113 programs are offered by UMass, out which the most renowned ones are:

  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Doctorate in Nursing
  • Masters in Public Health

The education provided by UMass is of a high standard, and the staff and faculty are the same for both on-campus and online education. UMass tuition fee is just around, $125-$1980/credit hour.

2. Rochester Institute of Technology

Located in the town of Henrietta, Rochester, New York, Rochester Institute of Technology is a widely acknowledged name in the academic realms. This is a private University; however, it has a bunch of degree programs that it offers online. There are almost 14 masters programs in the field of technology, applied statistics, and human resource development. There is also a bachelor’s program offered by the Rochester Institute of Technology, called a bachelor’s in Applied Technology. The tuition fee heavily depends on the course and its credit hours and can range between $850-$955.

3. Dominican College

The Dominican College in the state of New York also offers a bunch of programs for their online student body. This college is also an amazing and prestigious place to study and explore the world at large. Education provided by the finest of teaching staff, Dominican College comes under the best online colleges’ category not only just in the US but also around the world. The degree programs offered by Dominican College are under as:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (Organizational Communication and Leadership Track)
  • Bachelor of Science in Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

4. University of Missouri

The University of Missouri is a public and state university in the district of Colombia. Equipped with the best and high-tech instrumentation the university offers a wide range of educational fields from which one can study from. The University of Missouri offers a total of ninety programs and 1000 courses from a wide range of disciplines. The University of Missouri is also the leader in AAU public education institution list. The average tuition fee for undergrad programs is around, $277, and the average tuition fee for post-grad is around $350.

5. Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a private university in the state of Massachusetts. The university is highly ranked nationally in the sector of research and provides world-class education internationally to its online student body. Northeastern University provides 60 online programs and degrees. This shows the wide range from which students can pick disciples. The overall cost is around $378 per credit hour for bachelors and master programs; it’s around 1,169 per credit hour.

6. University of Florida, Distance Learning

The University of Florida is a state university located in the state of Florida US. The University of Florida is one of the best online universities in the US. The university offers 300 online programs for its international student body; it also has its MBA program ranked as the number one program in all over Florida and its bachelor’s programs ranked at number 13 in the states. The calibre of studies is high and competitive. Students can learn a wide range of programs within the comfort of their homes.

7. University of Oklahoma

Another great option for the online local and international student body is the University of Oklahoma. This university is also a state university that offers a variety of online degrees and programs over a wide range of disciples. The most dominated and widely acknowledged disciplines offered by the university are under as:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Lifespan Care
  • Liberal Arts
  • World Cultural Studies

8. Central Michigan University

Located in the state of Michigan, Central Michigan University is a proud name in the online academic realms. Central Michigan University has been voted as the best university for its online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the year 2016. The highly qualified teachers and staff make sure to deliver the best of education in a more timely and effective manner. The university has been offering a wide range of programs and hosts its platform for both national and international students.

9. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is located in Phoenix, Arizona. If you have an internet connection, you can do most of the work required for your university course. That is how amazing and connected the Grand Canyon University is. As always, it offers a wide range of educational programs and degree programs for its digital student body. The average cost for an undergrad program is around $686.

10. University of Illinois Springfield

Last but not least, the University of Illinois, Springfield is another state university that offers a wide range of programs for undergrads studies and postgraduate studies. This university offers programs in most disciples like sciences, humanities, medicines and other social sciences. The average cost for an undergrad program is around $359, and the average amount for a postgraduate program is around $352.

The following list comprises the name of degree programs that are the best when it comes to online degree programs.

  • Business Admiration: This degree is regarded as one of the most prestigious degrees of all. In today’s demanding to cooperate environment, this degree will not only give you the right tools to think but will also give you the right path along which you should be able to use these tools more effectively.
  • Psychology: We have recently seen a human mental health crisis, and if you look at the figures right, you will understand how important a psychology degree is. Studying the human brain and knowing its way around it is what psychology is all about. It is also one of the best enrolled online programs around the world, both on-campus and online.
  • Criminal Justice: The US has seen a rise in its criminal violence. The justice department in the US lacks qualified individual, and hence a criminal justice degree holds a lot more value now than ever before. This degree will not only give them tools to explore criminal cases but will also provide a high paying job.
  • Healthcare Administration: Administration of any kind is always in need, and the lack of qualified individuals in the US healthcare sector has recently seen a huge rise. This indicates how valuable this online degree program can be for you. As compare to previous years, there are more and more students pursuing online degrees these days. Online colleges and universities are providing students with practical education that will end up being a gateway to highly paid positions and jobs.

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