20 Best Part-Time Jobs Near You That Pay Well

In the recent past, most people are looking for part-time jobs that pay well in the USA. On the other hand, many companies are also looking for part-time employees for routine assistance. This article discusses the best part-time jobs that will give them a chance to pay their bills and sustain their budget.

List of Best Part-Time Jobs Near You

1. Delivery truck drivers

This is one of the best part-time jobs that will increase our monthly income and enable you to settle your bills as required.  It entails transporting goods within limited regions between local businesses, warehouses, and residence as well as distribution centres.  Delivery truck drivers are responsible or the goods they are transporting. The cargo is normally less than 26000 pounds. The drivers are expected to pick-up transport as well as drop-off all the packages as well as smaller goods.

Requirements for the job;

  • Driver’s license
  • High school diploma
  • Commercial driver’s license in some cases
  • Clean record
  • An on-the-job training period for some companies

2. A computer programmer

A computer programmer must be competent at writing software. These experts are normally computer science degree holders. Keep in mind that there is no formal education required for this job. It is worth mentioning that there is a range of courses available online for computer programming.

Most companies out there make efforts to save as much money as possible; that is why they avoid full-time computer programmers.

3. Graphic designers work

There are many designers out there that specialize in creating graphics for different purposes, especially in Adobe Photoshop as well as Adobe Illustrator. These designers are in charge of font types; email templates, custom logos, among other forms of custom advertisement.

Even though most designers prefer working full time, part-time graphic designers have amazing earning potential, especially for individuals who want to increase their income. 

4. Editor/proofreader

Proofreading is a great Part-time job for college students among other interested parties.  An editor is responsible for coordinating, editing, revising, and planning content for publication in newspapers, websites, books as well as magazines.  They mainly review story ideas and, in turn, find out specific topics that will suit the publication’s readers.  Did you know that proofreaders carry out a background check up on a final draft of a periodical document as well as other written communication to get rid of all errors? It is worth mentioning that proofreaders must be keen enough to identify typos, incorrect use of grammar as well as punctuation errors. 

5. Accounts

Accountants are in charge of up keeping, preparing as well as analyzing all the financial bills, records, invoices and taxes.  There is no doubt that accountants are on-demand around Texas, especially during tax season. In other words, they are likely to be hired for Part-time weekend jobs to offer accounting.

Other than day-to-day responsibilities of monitoring the financial operations, accountants also ensure that the company’s finical systems are working properly as the law requires.  Accountants are supposed to come up with good plans that enable their employers to decrease costs, thus accumulating more profits.

6. Management analysts

Management analysts are also referred to as management consultants. They are responsible for examining the organization’s system in order to ensure accuracy. They also look into management analyst, staffing as well as organizational structure, thus making efforts of improving profit as well as minimizing costs which leads to an increase in revenue.

Requirements for the job: prior experience from a senior managerial as well as directorial position.

7. Network and Computer Systems Administrator

This group of experts gives support to an organization’s internal networks as well as internet systems. There is job is to ensure that everyone gets a good connection, thus ensuring efficiency while working online. They also ensure network security.

Requirements for the job:

  • Degree in information technology, computer science as well as other related fields.

8. Market research analyst

They are responsible for breaking up trends in what clients are buying, what they plan to purchase in the future as well as what they can offer for the same.  They will share all the information they have gathered with their clients, especially those who wish to understand their customers further.

9. Hand labourers

These people carry materials from one point to the other without using machines. They mostly work in large warehouses as well as with individuals who are relocating as well as moving offices all over the country. Part-time jobs are always available during the holidays when people are rushing to move to different places. It is worth mentioning that these jobs entail unloading goods, packaging as well as cleaning vehicles.

Requirements for the job:

  • You must be physically fit
  • Must be able to lift heavy objects
  • Candidate must be able to spend more hours on their feet

10. Estheticians

These experts are work on your facials, among other skincare services. They also upsell lotions and a range of skincare products such as creams. They offer consultations on skin problems.

Requirements for the job:

  • Valid state estheticians license
  • High school diploma
  • Preferred Associate’s Degree

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11. Mail carrier

They are responsible for delivering as well as retrieving outgoing mail not to mention packages. They ensure that all emails have a signature on deliveries.

Requirements for the job:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • passing score for an entry exam

12. Nanny

This is one of the part-time jobs that currently pay well. It involves providing childcare within a specific time frame. The time can vary from 1-4 hours a day. This kind of service is charged on an hourly basis. Amongst their roles are: bathing, feeding as well as putting children down to sleep.  Nannies can as well help the children with homework, driving children to and from school as well as supervising the children as they play.

Requirements for the job:

  • Experience in caring for children
  • Reliable form of transportation

13. Tour guide

This is a person who is conversant with different tourist attraction sites. He/she has a connection with numerous tour companies. He/she can negotiate better prices for the clients and earns from a commission. This is a suitable Part-time weekend job that can bring you extra income. The best way to go about it is by maintaining an excellent customer experience for clients with a good attitude.  Make sure that you answer questions correctly concerning the tour sites.

The requirement for the job:

  • Appropriate driving license as some tour jobs will require you to drive a bus as well as other vehicles.

14. Bartender

It’s all about serving people in a bar. It requires a high level of customer service and ensures that the environment is exciting.  Make sure that the bar is clean, and you have a safe place to keep the money.

The requirement for the job:

  • Responsible server certificate
  • Must be 18 years and above

15. School driver

This is also one of the best part-time jobs you can ever come up within the US.  It entails transporting students to and from school. Set up rules that the students must abide by. Always keep time and find the best way possible to handle the emergencies.

Requirements for the job:

  • Valid commercial driving license
  • Complete certification courses

16. Brand ambassador

This entails professionalism as well as brand personality.  It requires you to distribute marketing materials such as coupons, flyers as well as samples. It also involves answering all the questions regarding the products and services and informing customers accordingly, especially if there is an upcoming event.

Requirements for the job:

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred

17. Personal shopper

This is one of the most exciting part-time jobs near you. It requires high-level shopping experience as well as developing good relations with customers. First, you need to study the market and understand what your customers regularly require. Make sure that you deliver quality and make your purchases based on your customers’ recommendations.

The requirement for the job:

  • High school diploma

18. DoorDash driver

This job entails registering with DoorDash Company and uses their app to pick and drop passengers. You will earn through commission. It is suitable for an experienced driver as well as someone who has a car.

Requirements for the job:

  • Valid driving license
  • Three years of driving experience as an additional advantage

19. Tutor

This is a part-time job that pays well, especially for a university graduate without a good job. You can couch the students at their homes, or you can set up a place to meet your students. Find out some of the difficult topics that are giving students a hard time to understand and help them understand them.  It requires you to be in regular communication with parents and guardians to ensure that your job runs smoothly.

Requirements for the job:

  • Reliable form of transportation,
  •  ability to pass a background check
  • drug screening

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20. Speech pathologist

This job requires special attention as you need to evaluate, diagnose as well as treat vocal impairments.  Come up with a suitable treatment plan that comprises of exercises as well as activities depending on the needs of your patients.  It needs you to person both individual and group therapy sessions. It requires you to work with other health care professionals, especially when creating treatment plans.

Requirements for the job:

  • Many others are searching for jobs. Valid state speech pathology license.

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