20 Best Community Colleges in California (USA) in 2020


Certified by the Californian State in 1967, California community colleges were established to empower the community. Did you know that these are the largest system of higher education colleges in the world? California community college is guided by a motto, ‘Empowering community colleges through leadership, advocacy, and support.’ Throughout the 73 districts in the United States, community colleges currently have a total of 115 campuses. 

These colleges offer certified courses that mainly specialize in certificate degrees, vocational, associate as well as remedial studies. In case the students decide to pursue further education in any state college at the University of California, then all the units learned from the community colleges will be recognized. One good thing about California community college is the fact that after graduation, the students will be employed with various institutions within the community. They are expected to help in achieving leadership and advocacy in the community. 

Advantages of California community colleges

  • They offer quality education as all their courses are certified.
  • The college offers a wide range of programs to choose from.
  • The colleges are locally oriented.
  • The campuses are strategically located in exciting and pleasant sites that ensure smooth learning. 
  • The colleges offer support to all students who face emotional, academic, and economic challenges. 
  • The units are well planned so that 80% of the students can opt for part-time jobs. 

Did you know that community colleges in California offer adult education classes at night? They also offer courses for military veterans. Moreover, we must attest that the community colleges have everyone’s educational concerns at heart. That is why they are offering distance learning courses. These courses are offered online and will favor those who have other commitments. These colleges are well equipped, from libraries and laboratories to gymnasiums. Additionally, community colleges offer affordable services as the units are charged at only $46. 

Apart from academics, community colleges also participate actively in co-curriculum activities such as ball games and athletics. The colleges hold annual athletic events. We can, therefore, admit that life in these colleges is as perfect as any other high education institution from across the world. 

List of top community colleges in California

1. Irvine Valley College (Irvine)

Even though there are hundreds of leading colleges in California, Irvine Valley College has proven to be the best. As one of the two-year colleges in California, this college has helped many students from across the state. It is affordable and offers a wide range of academic majors such as history, computer science, and laser technology, among others. This college also offers about 60 career as well as technical programs. 

2. College of the Siskiyous

This college is strategically located near the base of Mt. Shasta. College of the Siskiyous is well known for good performance and active participation in co-curriculum activities. The college admits both men and women as it has two two-story dormitories that accommodate all students. 

3. Orange Coast College 

Orange Coast College is one of the top community colleges in California. It offers numerous two-year degrees as well as certifications. This college has an enrolment of approximately 25,000 students. As a student looking forward to enjoying life as well as study, this is the place to be. It is a few miles away from the sunny beaches and Disneyland. It is one of the best performing colleges, as it is highly ranked in terms of transfers to the California States and the University of California. 

4. De Anza College (Cupertino)

De Anza College boasts pride in the successful transfer of students to four-year programs in the country. The college specializes in traditional majors such as English as well as economics, cyber forensic as well as enterprise computer security. 

5. Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College has received numerous awards and academic excellence. Apart from affordability, this community college supports and helps in nurturing talents in students. The college also supports hardworking and needy students through SBCC. 

6. Santa Rosa Junior College

Many junior colleges in California offer amazing courses. These colleges also strategically located and offer a good learning environment. As one of the best junior colleges near me, Santa Rosa offers academic, vocational as well as educational programs. After two years of studies, students can continue their studies at a higher college. In simple reality, junior college can also be referred to as a non-bachelor degree school.

7. College of the Canyons (Santa Clarita)

This is a perfect community college for someone who is experienced in the military, having served for some time. Course accreditation will be determined by your life experience. This aspect will also depend on the specific degree that you are pursuing. It provides children as well as transportation grants through the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services. 

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8. Foothill College

This college offers the best view of California State as it is strategically located in the Los Altos Hills. The college has won several awards architecture, meaning that it is valued in the Silicon Valley community. It is worth mentioning that this college offers online courses; hence you can pursue your degree from anywhere. Did you know that Foothill, as one of the CA community colleges, currently offers more than 500 online courses? These courses can be pursued by both local and international students. The college is well equipped with an Observatory, Japanese Cultural Center, as well as an all-weather track, among others. Following the fact that FC excels in her academics, it is highly ranked in the successful transfer of students to universities. 

9. Ohlone College (Fremont)

Ohlone College is the third-ranked college in California State. It is well known for its flexibility in terms of offering a wide range of weekend courses and scheduling. The college has registered a good percentage of distance enrollments. Other than its 200-degree course, this college offers more than 500 online courses. This college specializes in interpersonal communication, advanced photography as well as paleobiogeography, not to mention associate degrees such as natural science, business, and music. 

10. Napa Valley College

Napa Valley, in one of the places everyone from across the world wants to visit. Napa boasts a rich history of fabulous hotels, spas, wineries, and beautiful lodges, not to mention the exciting view the valley offers. There is no doubt that Napa Valley is a must-visit place for most tourists from across the world. For more than seventy years, Napa Valley College has been empowering and preparing its students to become better people in society through quality education. 

11. Cuesta College

Cuesta College is located on the central coast of California. The college offers more than 75 associate degree programs in arts and science as well as more than 95 certificate programs. The college also supports needy and hardworking students through a scholarship program. This college specializes in sciences, health, business as well as welding. 

12. Mt. San Jacinto College

Mt. San Jacinto offers more than 50 academic as well as career programs. This includes 20 associate degrees, mainly meant for university transfers. Mt. San Jacinto has an enrolment of more than 15,000 students per semester. In addition to this, the college offers a good learning environment for learners. 

13. Taft College (Tafta)

are bright and needy, this is an opportunity to pursue your dream career course without the worries of dropping out due to lack of school fees. This college is strategically located in the San Joaquin Valley. If you are looking forward to stunning picturesque as well as academics, then this is the place to study. 

14. San Diego Miramar College

San Diego Miramar has a weakness in academic excellence. Success follows this college everywhere. The college has an enrolment of more than 16000 students. The college also offers the best courses at affordable fees. 

15. Saddleback College (Mision Viejo)

Saddleback College is found in Orange County. The college is best known for its flexibility when it comes to long-distance learning. Did you know that this college is the top online community college, California, with the highest number of students registering for various courses? 

16. College of the Redwoods

The college of the Redwoods is found in Eureka. It has two on-campuses residence halls that accommodate both men and women. This college has been at the top for many years and remains on my list for best community colleges near me. 

17. Cerro Coso Community College – Mammoth Campus

Founded many years ago, Cerro Coso Community College is located in the Northern part of California. This college is well equipped with one-bedroom apartments for individual students, studio apartments as well as apartments for two students. In simple terms, students need not worry about accommodation. This college has helped the community majorly by shaping up their students and teaching them to be valuable in society.

18. Reedley College

Even though Reedley is a smaller college compared to others, it excels in academics. It offers a conducive learning environment, and its courses are affordable. It has a residence hall that can accommodate about 40 women and 100 men. 

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19. West Hills College Coalinga

If you are new in town and want to further your studies, West Hill is one of the best colleges around. It has an amazing café that serves breakfast, lunch as well as dinner at affordable prices. 

20. Chaffey College

Chaffey is located 7 miles from the Ontario centre. It is one of the best colleges in terms of academic excellence and a good life. 

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