Indian Student’s Life: Australia Vs. Canada

Students studying their whole life in India later decided to go abroad for their higher studies because they want to make their lives a hub of financial, social, and progressive outcomes. Another major reason for going abroad is that there are a lot of biases, discrimination, and nepotism in the Indian job market. These drawbacks made the students choose between Australia or Canada due to their exciting growth opportunities.

Why did they decide to go?

Majorly, Indian students are interested in studying abroad because they want growing opportunities with a handsome salary. The major reasons for students to plan for Australia and Canada  are:

  • Although education in Australia and Canada is very expensive as compared to other countries, a lot of students choose these countries because of the higher financial returns.
  • These countries do not follow nepotism and racism, thus provide the admission on merit.
  • As India is less focused on developing technologies as compared to these two, thus the people go there for practical and academic exposure.
  • Good course material is taught there as compare to India.
  • Immigrations are much easy as compare to the US and Germany.
  • Good Academic research facilities are provided there.

Indian Student In Australia

Indian students decided to go to Australia because it gives them so much variety in subjects, they can choose any according to their choice. Besides, we discuss how they can manage their normal life over there.

1. Earning to Live

The hard part for a student is to earn his livings with regular study. Being an Indian student, they can work for 20 – 40 hours a week, where they earn a mediocre salary and lives a mediocre student life. Normally, the students work on blue-collar jobs to manage the mediocre living style because they know it will return a good reward after graduation.

2. Job Options

In Australia, no labor is considered demeaning; a student gets 17 dollars per hour on average in which they can manage rent, groceries, utilities, and even their tuition also. The job options which a student have in Australia are the following:

  • Coffee Shop
  • Bars
  • SuperMarkets
  • Department Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • Research Institutes
  • Taxi Driving
  • Also, they can work as the electrician, plumber, welder, lockmaster, and others that cost them a more than average pay per hour.

3. Managing Work-Life Balance

In Australia, it is not easy to manage work-life balance for students because education is much tough as compared to India. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, it is reported that Australia ranked 27 out of 35 Organization for Economic development when it comes to the level of work-life balance. The chief executive at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare said that “The best way to manage the work-life balance is to match your working hours with your personal preferences. The number of working hours does not matter; what matters is a student’s personal life should match the work timing. If their personal life gets disturbed, then they can get mental illness”.

4. Leisure Activities

The activities in leisure time that an Indian student can enjoy in Australia are to attend festivals and sports. In Australia, 64% of students aged 15 are interested in sports while other students try to do indoor festivities. Besides, some students like travel or spending holidays with their families.

5. Struggle

The struggle that Indian students face when they start to live in Australia is the struggle to carry on their culture. They suffer a lot in adopting Australian culture. Another struggle which they face is the high prices of accommodation and food as compared to India, so they have to work besides study. Verbal communication is also a reason for the struggle because they have to improve their spoken English accent a lot to communicate with other people.

Indian Student In Canada

Canada is also the other good option for Indian students that has a more feasible immigration procedure as compared to Australia.  Canada has a lot of universities with high acceptance rates that are in the top 100 institutes of the world, a good immigrant country, and provide excellent career opportunities; thus, it is considered the third-largest country for students after the US and Australia. 

1. Earning to Live

The students can work up to 20 hours a week, either inside or outside the campus, but they can also work full time in their summer or winter breaks. The amount of payment a student gets in Canada per hour is $14, which is a bit less as compared to Australia.

2. Job Options

The job options for Indian students in Canada are the following:

  • Translator
  • Waiter
  • Rideshare Driver
  • Writer
  • Tutor
  • Also, the blue-collar jobs, but they are much less than in Australia.

3. Managing Work-Life Balance

Health Canada indicates that it is very easy for Indian students to manage their work-life balance if they don’t interrupt their working routine with their normal routine. Indian students should also spend some time with their friends, which will help them to stay strong and happy.

4. Struggle

The struggle that Indian students face when they start to live in Canada is the struggle to carry on with their traditions and cultures because Canada exhibits a lot of cultures around the world. Another struggle which they face is the high prices of accommodation and food as compared to India, so they have to work besides study. They have to accommodate the harsh winter conditions in order to survive as well as they have to improve their verbal skills.

5. General Comparison

The general comparison of Indian students lives in Canada Vs. Australia is shown in the table below:

Attributes Life In Canada Life In Australia
Affordability Depending upon the affordability scale, student’s life in Canada is more affordable. Australia students are less affordable as compare to Canada
Education Canada offers a good program of study The Australian education quality is more as compared to Canada
Safety and Racism Canada is a safer and racist free country for students. Students are much less secured due to the current false incidents
Society Canada offers a tolerant society for students. Australia is a less compromising country for students.
Opportunities It offers the student the white-collar opportunities It offers a mixture of white and blue-collar jobs
Weather Weather is harsh Weather is tropical
Average Salary per hour 14-17 Canadian dollars 17-25 Australian Dollars
Job Seeking Visa 1-3 years 1.8 years

Australia vs. Canada: Study, Career, and Immigration Guide 2020


Canada and Australia are both the exciting countries for the students, but the conclusive checklist is made according to the current students’ review that will be helpful for future students.

Checks Conclusions
Weather Australis is best
Fees Canada is cheaper
Jobs Both are fine
Payscale Australia is better
Taxes Canada has more taxes
Job seeking opportunities They are equivalent
Immigration Possibilities Canada is better
Part-Time Work Both are ok
Leisure Canada is best
Culture Canada has a diverse culture
Living Canada is cheaper than Australia

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