The Top 10 Canadian Universities with a high acceptance rate

Canada had been the greatest platform for international students considering the past decagon. It is the habitat for distinct global first-class universities. If you are peering for a high acceptance rate in a Canadian university for your upcoming studies, then you are on the right track.! Here you can achieve all the information concerning the high acceptance rate of Canadian Universities.

To obtain the best Canadian university for you, we assured to keep in mind the following factors:

  • High acceptance rate
  • Location and campus surroundings
  • Cost and financial services
  • Top courses
  • The likelihood for professional opportunities
  • Ranking
  • Tuition fee and total students

Therefore, according to us, below provided descending list for high acceptance rate Canadian universities (public) will draw out a fruitful outcome if opted by you!

#10. Concordia University

Acceptance Rate 65.0%
World Ranking 719
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs – $14,085
Post Graduate Program  – $13,050
Total Students 46056

Concordia University, an English Language university, in the core of Montreal, Canada. In 1974, it was established and targets to set Montreal noteworthy by being a consistent provider of inventive solutions and constructive impact. Concordia University consists of two campuses. Montreal as a city is witnessed as one of the pleasant cities for international students in Canada; thus the student will never hit boredom!

Courses in Demand: –

  • Health Professions and Related Programs
  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Psychology

#09. University of Guelph

Acceptance Rate 66.0%
World Ranking 326
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs  – $27,335
Post Graduate Program – $10,255
Total Students 30120

Founded in 1964, the University of Guelph is a research university in Ontario, known for its phenomenal programs in the arts, engineering, and sciences. The university emphasizes exciting resources and facilities. The University of Guelph provides accommodation to its students along with a flexible environment.

  • Courses in Demand: –
  • Business & Economics
  • Clinical, pre-clinical & health
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Physical sciences
  • Arts & humanities

#08. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Acceptance Rate 67.0%
World Ranking 606
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs  – $8,595
Post Graduate Program  – $3,624
Total Students 17422

The Memorial University of Newfoundland, located in St. John’s was founded in 1925 to honor those who give up their lives in the First World War. MUN is one of the grandest universities found in Atlantic Canada. The university has four main campuses and provides refine accommodations.

Courses in Demand: –

  • Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering
  • Social enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Folklore programs
  • Music and business
  • Occupational health and safety degree

#07. University of Winnipeg

Acceptance Rate 68.0%
World Ranking 1836
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs  – $10,665
Post Graduate Program  –  $12,105 [13]  
Total Students 9430

The University of Winnipeg located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, was established in 1871. The University of Winnipeg frequently ranks eminently for its academic perfection, scholarship, and campus diversification. The University of Winnipeg provides a range of financial support to help the students by funding their education.

Courses in Demand:

  • Business and Management
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Social Studies and Media
  • Applied and Pure Sciences
  • Creative Arts and Design

#06. University of Saskatchewan

Acceptance Rate 72.0%
World Ranking 411
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs – $13,530
Post Graduate Program – $5,048
Total Students 24922

The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, established in 1907, belongs to Canada’s. The University of Saskatchewan is one of the dominant research universities in Canada. The main campus is quite known for its elegance. University provides a secure, welcoming and helpful undergraduate and graduates living accommodations.

Courses in Demand: –

  • Math and Engineering,
  • Technology and Physics
  • Society and Law
  • Agriculture, Plants, and Animals
  • Business and Economics

#05. University of New Brunswick

Acceptance Rate 75.0%
World Ranking 1004
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs – $5,344
Post Graduate Program – $5,231
Total Students 17422

The University of New Brunswick since 1785 is among reputed universities in Canada with high acceptance rates. The University of Brunswick is currently the most entrepreneurial in Canada. UNB provides on-campus accommodation and a pretty sound environment. It consists of 2 campuses.

Courses in Demand: –

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business & Social Sciences
  • Language & Cultural
  • Medicine & Health
  • Engineering Science & Technology

#04. Ryerson University

Acceptance Rate 80.0%
World Ranking 801
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs  – $19,493
Post Graduate Program – $16,155
Total Students 43160

Established in 1948, Ryerson University is a profitless education institution in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. Befalling among the dominant academic and research institutions in Canada. Ryerson provides a dynamic learning community campus.

Courses in Demand: –

  • Arts & humanities. Architecture
  • Business & economics. Business & Management
  • Social sciences, Communication & Media Studies
  • Engineering & technology
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

#03. Lakehead University

Acceptance Rate 83.0%
World Ranking 1218
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs – $17,560
Post Graduate Program – $17,080
Total Students 8620

Lakehead University was founded in 1965, located in Ontario, Canada. It is a university that affirms academic perfection and student delight. The university comprises of two campuses associate to grants highbrow programs for students. 

Courses in Demand: –

  • Social studies.
  • Education.
  • Engineering.
  • Computer science.
  • Creative arts

#02. Wilfrid Laurier University

Acceptance Rate 89.0%
World Ranking 910
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs – $18,990
Post Graduate Program – $5,163
Total Students 20100

Wilfrid Laurier University established in 1911, located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The university aids in framing knowledge in service to society. Wilfrid Laurier University equips students with diverse opportunities, including scholarships and financial aids Master degrees.

Courses in Demand: –

  • Doctoral degree.
  • Arts & Humanities.
  • Business & Social Sciences
  • Medicine & Health.
  • Engineering

#01. University of Lethbridge

Acceptance Rate 93.0%
World Ranking 1278
Average Tuition Fees /Year Undergraduate Programs – $13,144
Post Graduate Program  – $10,149
Total Students 8900

Established in 1971, the University of Lethbridge, located in Lethbridge, Canada, is the best known leady Canadian university and research institute. The university is also among the universities in Canada with the highest acceptance rates. It is known for its courteous atmosphere. The university emphasis flexible education and learning, integrative research, and harmonious programs. The university has partnered with many different companies, to provide the students with well-furnished bedrooms along with several facilities.

Courses in Demand: –

  • Sociology.
  • Physical sciences
  • Arts & humanities.
  • Life sciences
  • Business & economics. Accounting & Finance.

Alas, if you are aiming to enrol in a top-notch high acceptance rate Canadian University, then you must approach any mentioned universities in this article! I hope you have a wildly successful future!!!!!

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