10 Best Online Computer Science Degree Programs in 2020

Modern technology has a great impact on every field of life that has reduced human exertion and increased production. Due to the rapid progress in IT and computer science field, the need for highly skilled persons in all fields have increased. A degree in computer science gives many opportunities to explore more in IT filed along with a high paying job. With online degree programs in computer science, students can make their way towards highly demanding computer science and IT field careers. It also demands to use the intellect in a manner that can become the basis on which one could innovate better and more sustainable structures.

The field of study for the digital aspects of our human life is known as the science of computerization or simply computer sciences. The academic literature on computer science can date back to the late 19th century. The current advances in fields like physics, chemistry, biology, cosmology and other such human endeavours of inquiring are only made possible because of the simulations provided by a computer-generated architecture. The complexity of computer science is so grand that a proper academic degree level is provided to study it and explore it.

We have made a list of best available online degree programs in computer sciences. The study of this field is not only high in demand but will also help you cement your position in the digital age. The complex study requires highly qualified teachers to deliver extremely technical information for the study of computer sciences. The following list will show you the best available option for your online academic journey in computer sciences.

List of online computer science degree programs

1. University of Florida

The University of Florida is already offering a ton of online degree programs in many other academic fields. This is one of the reasons why these programs offered by the University of Florida is not only the best in education but also their computer science degree programs are highly acknowledged in the academic circles. It offers a wide range of courses that are relevant to the current area of studies required for the technical market.  So if you are looking for a best and relative degree to study University of Florida’s online bachelor’s computer science degree program is for you.

2. John Hopkins University

Established in 1876, John Hopkins University is perhaps one of the oldest educational institutions in the US. Prestigious and highly ranked, John Hopkins University offers one of the best degree programs in the world. The university has also started its online degree program for computer sciences and it is under the top 10 list of the best online degree programs worldwide. The course work offered by the University gives students the platform to study and engage with the complex digital age around them. The online degree program catalogue of John Hopkins University also includes the online bachelor’s computer science degree program. Study with one of the best Ivy League institutions today!

3. Fort Hays State University

The Fort Hay State University through its virtual college offers one of the best degree programs in computer science. There online bachelor’s degree program for computer science is a combination of great course work, technical hands-on education, and project-based education. The quality provided by the Fort Hays State University is of a high standard and can compete with Ivy League universities across the US.

4. Oregon State University

Another great option for the online bachelor’s degree in computer science is provided by Oregon State University. Oregon State University is the largest university in the state of Oregon. Oregon State University hosts an average of 30,000 students. The state university also has a substantial amount for research-based academics. This is the best favourable situation for students who would like to pursue an online degree program in computer sciences. The average tuition fee is $487/credit hour. 

5. Regis University

The department of computer science at Regis University offers a fast-paced online bachelor’s degree program in computer science for its international online student body. The program focuses on key areas in computer science like mathematics, circuit theory, discrete mathematics and subjects alike. The university is located in Denver, Colorado. There are approximately four-degree programs offered under the computer sciences category:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Information Technology

6. Dakota State University

At Dakota State University, the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences provides a number of degree programs under the computer science domain. The Online@DSU program allows Beacom College to provide online degree programs in computer science for the undergrad level of education. The main courses work within the degree programs are around the areas of assembly languages, Info security fundamentals, object-oriented design and much more. The online degree program requires 120 credit hours to complete and graduate.

7. Auburn University

Founded in 1856, in the state of Alabama, the Auburn University host around 29,000 students and it is also the second-largest school in the state of Alabama. Auburn University also offers are a wide range of academic fields from which the students can pick from. Auburn University also offers one of the best online computer science degree programs. The department of computer science at Auburn University has the best and award-winning faulty under the domains of human-computer interaction, computer networks, cybersecurity, and wireless engineering. The average fee for the undergrad program at Auburn University is around $501/credit hour.

10 Best Online Colleges and Universities

8. Mercy College

The department of mathematics and computer science at Mercy College provides a non-traditional computer degree program for non-traditional students. The online degree program provided by Mercy College designed to provide students with a platform through which they can not only learn in their own time but can also learn hands-on practical knowledge. Their course work focuses more on the in-demand topics in computer science like artificial intelligence, computer architecture, computer networks, and Object/structure.

9. Park University

The Park University in the state of Missouri offers a bachelor’s degree in the domain of computer and information sciences. The degree program offers a wide range of concentration points, for its students who wish to pursue the degree. These focus points are data management, security, networking, and software development. Some focus points that are designed to equip students with the knowledge to get CISCO certified. The average in-state tuition fee for students who wish to enrol is around $12,000.

10. University of the People

The online degree program provided by the University of The People offers a board range of courses for its computer science degree which can easily be applied in several domains. The degree program focuses a lot on the technical aspects of computer science. The best part of this degree program is that it’s one of the best affordable degree programs out there. The average tuition fee for an online degree program at the University of The People is around $1,000. This option is a highly affordable option for those who do not want to be stuck in student loans. So if you are looking for a degree program that is highly reputed and affordable chose the University of The People.

10 Best Online Colleges and Universities

Online education has become more mainstream in recent years because of the number of advantages it has. The fact that Ivy League universities and state universities are adopting this mode of education shows how convenient it is for both the university staff and students. The digital mode of education also makes lectures more interactive and focused. The computerized environment for examination also helps eliminate cheating that occurs during it.

Digital education helps students save up a lot of on other expenses like accommodation, and travel. This is a huge advantage, also online education can help eliminate the element of bias that some students and teachers show while providing or receiving education. The above list provides you with the best and most affordable options out there, this list is not the word of the gospel so before applying, please do your research as well to make sure that you have the right idea about the program you wish to study. While IT and Computer Science education have its merits, some students might not be able to study well in a digital environment and that is completely understandable. So, before applying to make sure you are comfortable studying in computer science and IT field. Wish you all the best!

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