Discover the 20 Best Legitimate Work from Home Jobs to do in 2020


Just a few decades ago, the idea of working from home was barely comprehensible to a vast majority of the world population. Due to the environment and way of thinking back then, success was measured by the ability to convince an organization to hire you in their offices. The case was simple; you were either sweating it out in an office for the usual 9 – 5 work or remained at home unemployed. The idea of remote work that wouldn’t require one to travel to the office or other job site was yet to be fully understood.

A New Age

However, matters changed with the onset of the Internet. The new dawn of the Internet brought numerous advantages in terms of easy communication and interactions between people across the globe, and the creative mind was quick to discern that a new possibility of work had presented itself. The easy communication, at the very least, meant that a worker could work from home and send the results to the employers, without having to meet physically. Almost two decades since the Internet spread to the world, and today thousands of individuals have quit the traditional 9 – 5 jobs for more fulfilling work experience, devoid of supervision, unnecessary travel, and countless other rules that are the norm of office-based work.

Better Work Experience

A research shows that more than 70% of people work from home at least once a week. Millions of other individuals, I included, are making a living working comfortably from home, and I can say for sure that the experience is less stressful, more productive, and generally, more fulfilling. No one really liked the idea of having a bossy supervisor, always giving orders and complaining of work output. Through the onset of online jobs, you can work at your comfort and pace and enjoy the feeling of being your own boss.

I have been working from home for a couple of years now, and I have highlighted some of the top 20 legitimate work from home jobs that you can participate in for better work experience. If you believe you are self-driven and a go-getter, you have an opportunity to change the dynamics of your work environment. Consider venturing into the jobs highlighted in the article and discover a new way to make a nice income, working from the comfort of your couch.

Top 20 Work-From-Home Jobs

1. Blogging Jobs

Are you enthusiastic about a certain topic that you have a lot of knowledge about? If you find certain topics fascinating, and like researching more on the ideas, you can consider starting a blog. Through the blog, you can educate people about the topics, or just share life experiences in writing. If you are a great writer, you will soon get a considerable following, and such an advantage brings lots of business ideas. You can earn a tidy sum through affiliate marketing on the blog, introducing a subscription fee for the followers, or even selling your creations like novels on the platform.

2. Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is another opportunity you could utilize to work from home comfortably. If you know your grammar and are good at language, numerous individuals are willing to pay for your services and get good quality work. You can proofread anything from academic papers, manuscripts, and so on. You can make a tidy sum proofreading various articles and essays. Caitlin Pyle is a success story in the venture, having made over S 43,000 in 2014.

3. Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are a great writer but wouldn’t like to get through all the hassle of starting a personal blog, you can hire out your writing services online and write for newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Some popular marketplaces for Freelance writers are Fiverr and

4. Online Teaching Jobs

You can also become an online tutor and get a large number of clients online. You’d have to be quite knowledgeable on topics to become a valuable choice among online users. Most of your clients, in this case, are academics and other individuals looking to increase skills and learn more. Teaching jobs are very flexible as you never have to meet your students physically, and you can reach an unlimited audience simultaneously.

5. Online Surveys

Online surveys are also a legitimate way to earn some extra cash from home. Many companies are always looking for valuable feedback from customers to know the impact of the provided goods in the market. The companies invest a lot of money to get this input from customers mostly online, so if you have a stable internet connection, you can participate in many such surveys and earn some money.

6. Website Testing

Just like with online surveys, some companies pay for customers to try out the company websites and provide feedback on the experience. What you’ll generally be required to do is visit the websites and check the features, ease of flow, and provide the feedback to the companies. That way, customers can know the customer experience and learn of what to improve on for a smoother experience. Try the following sites for website and app testing jobs; TrymyUI, Analysis, and WhatUsersDo.

7. Web Design Services

Web design is a valuable skill that many companies are looking for nowadays. Therefore, if you are conversant with some programming languages, you can hire your services to online companies and create professional designs, earning a legitimate income working from home.

8. Virtual Call Centre Jobs

Virtual callers do the traditional job of making calls on behalf of companies, only that the work is done can be achieved from home. The work entails tasks like brand marketing, sales, customer support, and so on. On a fulltime basis, you can make between $30,000 and $40,000 yearly.

9. Transcription Jobs

You can also make money from home by doing audio transcriptions for various clients. The task will involve transcribing from audio to text, and you’ll be paid depending on the amount of work completed. Most companies pay about $20 per hour of transcribed audio.

10. Medical Coding Jobs

You can make a cool $60,000 working as a medical coder for various companies. Though the job is a bit technical, you can learn the basics online or from your local community college. You will be required to translate medical records to the correct code for diagnosis, thus, making it easier for companies to bill patients.

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11. Virtual Nursing Jobs

If you are in a nursing career, you can take advantage of the recent virtual nursing jobs on offer, and work in your profession straight from home. As a virtual nurse, you will monitor patients’ vitals online, communicate with doctors, as well as offer advice to the various patients.

12. Search Engine Evaluation

If you need information about various topics, you can rely on search engines to provide relevant information. As a search engine evaluator, you’d need skills in research, in addition to being an exceptional writer, and the main job will be evaluating the results to improve user experience.

13. Data Entry

You can also work from home by providing data entry jobs for various companies. Companies accumulate a lot of data in the course of daily operations, needing large personnel to enter the data in the company systems for future reference. Most data entry jobs involve figures and use applications like Microsoft Excel.

14. Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the most recent jobs of the new age of the Internet. Various brands can hire you to run various company social media accounts and maintain interactions with customers. The major tasks here include; scheduling posts, running ads campaigns, and managing private messages.

15. Graphics Design

Do you have some skills in graphics design and are a pro with publishing software like Photoshop and Illustrator? There is a wide online market in need of such services. Many clients are looking for designers on sites like Fiverr, and you can make some money doing what you like.

16. Travel Agent

Online travel agents are another category of workers who are making a killing online. If you know your way around fun trips travel destinations, you can help various people plan for trips online. You will help various clients learn of the deals online and get a commission for every client you refer to a particular service like a hotel or travel agency.

17. Customer Service Representative Jobs

Many companies want to assure customer satisfaction, and that is why customer feedback is so important. You could get a job as a customer service representative and comfortably work from home, answering questions from various customers. Major brands like Apple and American Express are hiring remote customer service reps so you could get lucky to work for a major brand and make some good money.

18. Amazon Remote Employee

Amazon is an enormous company and hires thousands of employees. The company recently announced to add more than 5000 remote workers to make operations easier. You can earn $10 per hour, working for Amazon remotely, either as a customer service rep, or even higher scale jobs like supply chain managers.

19. Virtual Bookkeeping

With some experience and knowledge of bookkeeping, you can provide your services to various online companies and earn anything from $15 – $60 per hour. The main work involved will be the recording of company transactions for easy reference and follow-ups.

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20. Translator

If you are conversant in many languages, then you can use your expertise to provide translation services to various clients online. Many companies are hiring translators online to improve customer experience and interactions. You can translate text, audio, or videos, and work comfortably from home, making up to $45,000 annually.

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Be Careful!

However, just as is the case with every good thing in life, there are many risks in the online field that you need to be on the look-out for. Not every opportunity you see being advertised as a legitimate way to make money online is real. You are likely to come across deals, promising you a lot of money for some simple work. Such could be scammers out to con you. Always be careful, especially when you see some companies asking for an initial investment or promising unreasonably huge amounts of money in just a short period. If you are looking for online work, deal with legit companies like the ones mentioned in the article.


Working from home is a wonderful experience and an alternative that many people are going for today. Gone are the days when you’d have to travel to work daily and spend a lot of money on transport, work clothing, and so on. By working from home, you can get the same benefits, if not more, of a regular job, with the added benefit of saved expenses.

What’s more, you can work for employers from anywhere in the world, without having to move an inch from your house. If you are getting bored always having to travel to the workplace in the morning, or are interested in having a part-time job to make some extra cash, this is the best time to utilize the Internet and find high paying work from home jobs.

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