10 Proven Strategies for Successful Part-time Work

Speaking in an overall sense of view in this modern society no matter what profession you belong to, what you do or how much money you earn, there is always room for some extra money. Individuals and people are working part-time jobs to make ends meets for various reasons call it Financial, Health or Education purposes. In the USA the GDP per capita income is expected to be roughly around 56900.00 USD, a brief analysis on this part would suggest that in 2016 average healthcare cost per person is roughly around 10000.00 USD  and this cost is expected to get as higher as 14944.00 USD by 2023.

Keeping an eye on our average income and spending money for college educations require 20770.00 USD for public schools and 46950.00 USD for private schools. All these expenses make the US quite expensive for people to afford and enjoy.

So with per capita income decreasing and expenditure on Healthcare and Education increasing with such rate, one can make sense why the part-time job has its own way for providing, be it decent health care or a decent college degree. These are basic yet most essential necessity an individual has. Other aspects would be shopping, supporting a certain lifestyle, pay loans, buy products and many more.

What would better explain a part-time work?

A part-time job is a given set of tasks that are supposed to be completed by the person, and upon completion, he or she shall be awarded incentives, money or sometimes even policies. In part-time work the individual is supposed to work for few hours a day, besides that a part-time work is a great way of building a resume, so not only it helps in making an earning but also helps in building a career and professional profile in future to use. Usually, students and employee, studying or seeking some extra money opt up for part-time work. Most organizations assist executives little in how to follow the work model or policies to help them conduct their part-time work.

Having discussed why part-time jobs are necessary and why an average American man or woman should indulge themselves with it. The real question stands, is doing part-time work with our regular activities, is really that easy? And the answer is yes, it does, we have thoroughly researched the list of these top 10 strategies that is surely going to help an individual practising these strategies to their daily life and getting their everyday struggle with their part-time work fixed.

1. Prioritizing of workloads

Part-time or Full-time it is very important to prioritize the workload that has been given, be transparent with the organization, discuss the project in greater depth that would leave no stones unturned. Schedule time to time presentation of the work and the on-going progress, make sure the organization’s requirement and the work progress are on the same page. By prioritizing the task-it not only puts up a better overall image of the worker but helps in completing the project with accurate results and reviews.

2. Working within the Work Ethics

Despite the workforce and keeping up with the deadlines, we should maintain the work ethics at all times. It carves moral choices, philosophy and it balances the duty, responsibilities and rights of an employee and the organization. An individual’s firm philosophy can affect the productivity, quality and overall features of any project or product. Staff and employees work together with a sense of admiration towards the policies and rules underlined by the organization. In an overall matter, work ethics enlightens by delivering the best possible results within philosophical boundaries, which is very well suited in getting the task done.

3. Learn to Listen

It is very important to pay attention to what the organization or the boss needs or what are requirements they want to be met. Sometimes patience with the details is the key to achieve a better understanding of a project, listening to the demands not only pops ideas and strategies but sometimes it offers the employee their own solution to the gathering and maybe get an extra bonus for that.

4. Digitalize your plan

It is true we need to be focused on achieving a successful part-time momentum but all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy. So a well tested and quite effective technique is a Pomodoro technique that follows an algorithm best suited for dividing the complexities of a problem into time fragments followed by small breaks, it is very well suited in completing the task. Pomodoro mobile application can be used to get the same result. there are several other mobile application to divide the workload followed by a certain amount of breaks and repeating the cycle until the designated or chosen work is completed by the user, it is quite impressive and time managing.

5. A goal without a plan is just a wish

Make a list of priorities from the set of strategies #1 and set a concrete and achievable goal, dividing the goal into smaller fragments and pieces following alongside the technique discussed in #4. The plan should not just include the work-related deadlines but also time for other errands. So a plan should involve major aspects in completing the task such as time management, workflow, gathering of components, a lot and lots of hustle.

6. DRY (Do not repeat yourself)

A quite important and mostly relied principle in software development is the DRY principle which is self-explanatory. Let us say there is complex project and lot of the basic components required to get the job done is available for free and previously done by other employees, then it would be waste of time and effort to re-create components in order to get the same task done. It is Software Development’s perspective but it can be applied to any work form.

7. Work smarter not Harder

Know your time management, have it ready with yourself all the time, learning to say “No” is a shuttle art, it is quite important from time management perspective and It could a save a lot of it, work smart by not giving attention to the elements that is not mandatory and takes up all the energy, efforts and time.

8. Draw a margin

You should draw a marginal line between the regular life, part-time work, family or relationships where work is important and sustains most of the vital necessities, remember work can be tiring and energy-draining so it is important to not mix work with other areas of life otherwise it turns gloomy.

9. Heath is your wealth too

This should your priority number 1, if you are mentally, physically healthy, It would difficult to manage your work life and personal life and in the worse case, both of them will suffer. Make time for exercising at least thrice a week to stay fit and be prepared for the workloads. It is better to avoid influential substances like tobacco, drugs, alcohols as this would not relieve stress but have bad impact on health and can be really injurious otherwise. This should be taken seriously.

10. Ask for help when stuck

There is no harm in asking for help if there is a problem in proceeding with a task, asking for help can only mean learning and growing. Getting stuck with a task can real-time waste, and it is better to ask for assistance. Suffering in silence can be stressing and not progressive at all, superiors and advisors can rescue the scene and further progress can be made.

The whole process of achieving a successful part-time work alongside balancing personal life and work-life totally depends upon the individual’s choices, however, the strategies mentioned above needs to be practised over and over so that one can guarantee sheer success in their part-time work. There is no set of strategies to change a part-timers fate but to develop and evolve from time to time, their work adds up to a lot of potential and workforce and so the task provided should be conducted thoroughly. Part-timer adds comfort to the organizations.

Meanwhile, many part-timers believes in making their own product or project in order to pitch ideas, demand a good reward and hold a good review. There’s no limit to success if one decides to change its strategies. Part-timer deal with the organization making the organization itself more open to the possibilities and opportunities.

Experiences teach us how to handle the personal life, work-life and health properly, having said a little progress each day adds to big results.

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