How to Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2020

Investopedia defines artificial intelligence as “the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.” Those aspiring to study AI are making a wise choice. The field of AI is quite broad does some research before starting.

AI comprises of many courses, some of which may not interests. This article serves as a guide on the preparation one needs to undertake to achieve career growth. 

Identify a career goal

AI is a complex field of study comprising of many courses in one package. Life will be much easier for those who have already identified their area of interest. Note that “time waits for no man” and “the early bird catches the worm.”

The field of artificial intelligence is extremely dynamic. Quick decision-making is necessary to catch up with the ever-changing technologies. Anything learned today will lay the foundation for the future. 

Horn “Soft & hard skills.”

Learning “hard skills” will put you ahead in the employment rate is a rare move, which is quite important. By “hard skill,” I mean any particular line of specialization, which gives an advantage over others when it comes to gainful employment. Academic knowledge may only provide a general overview of what AI entails without the hard skills needed by employers.

In any case, general knowledge will give an advantage over non-professionals. To mention a few of the well-cut out AI subfields, see the list below:

  • Machine learning
  • Expert systems
  • Natural language processing and systems
  • Evolutionary computation
  • Computer vision

Before settling on one area of expertise, do research or survey on salaries and wages for each category,

Find out the facilities required if you are planning to do the course online. Prepare the hardware and software infrastructure before commencing the studies.

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Industry exposure                       

Hands-on or technical experience is required to be employable in the field of AI. In the course of your studies, remember to appreciate the need to gain exposure through industry attachments and internships. Rubbing shoulders with practicing experts is a big boost to confidence. It also helps in enhancing your skills in the field of AI.

A quote from the wisdom of old folks, “birds of similar feathers flock together.” Put, it means, “dine and dwell” with experts in the field to sharpen up. Consider offering voluntary services on AI projects whenever opportunities arise. 

Another factor that will be worth checking out is whether there are AI companies or enterprises that exist within the locality from where one can go to gain exposure. It can be disastrous to undertake a course, which will require overseas exposure or internship, especially if resources are limited. 

Continuous learning process

I mentioned earlier that the field of AI is dynamic. Update skills regularly to cope with the changes that come year after year. Failure to horn skill will render a person irrelevant in the field of AI. 

Undertaking professional courses and attending conferences, exhibitions, product launch, and seminars are other avenues through which can help a person gain insight into new trends in AI. 


To excel in AI career in this year 2020, finance the entire program from start to finish. Identify a specialization from the list provided, horn skills through internships, voluntary services, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and finally yet importantly engage with likeminded individuals. Do not forget to upgrade regularly to keep abreast with changes in technological trends in the field of AI.

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