Five things to do when you are unemployed

First things first, you are not unemployed. You are, however, in between jobs. Most likely, it is because the universe has plans for you. It is offering you a window, an opportunity to take your life, or career, to the next level. So, use this wisely. Invest this time in enhancing yourself in suitable ways and do this promptly as you won’t have much time before the next job offer comes in and you get sucked back into that ever-familiar nine to five routine. 

Figure out what you are good at and get better at it

Nurture your Ikigai. What do you love doing? What are the things that make you come alive and fill you with joy? Is it possible to get paid for doing them? Are you a polyglot, who’s been stuck filing papers at back-office for a decade? Take a translation-interpretation course and redirect your career.

When we convert our calling into our profession, we don’t work a day in our life. Or perhaps you are happy with your career profile, but were you passed off for a promotion at your last job because you didn’t have a certain skill or certification that another candidate had.

Well, now you have the time to do that fancy certification or take that online course you have meant to. Use this time to metamorphose or progress your career by learning new things.


If you catch yourself wondering why it’s taking so long to get a callback for the role you just interviewed for, or whether there are enough jobs to be had out there, it’s time to step up your game and hustle. What’s the one thing right now that you have, and other candidates vying for that role probably don’t?

You have time on your hands. Nothing’s stopping you from actually physically showing up to the companies you know are hiring. Grab your relevant degrees and documents, slip into your sharp business ensemble and show up. Let the business see that you are a proactive, enthusiastic person who is not afraid to put himself out there to get his job done. Businesses want to hire people who know how to hustle and apply themselves zealously towards a goal.

Freelance or Volunteer

I know what you are thinking, “But how? I don’t have any leads!“ That’s fine. Because you do, tell your friends you are looking for some freelance assignments and ask them to spread the word. Pick up the phone and call anyone from the Uni or your earlier jobs that you think might have a lead.

Make a profile on sites like or Freelancer, add a bio and keep bidding for projects. Don’t despair. It is so important to stay motivated through this time. So, grab any opportunity that comes your way to do exactly that. Help out at local events, volunteer at the church or shelter, set up a stall at the village fair, anything that helps you keep busy and stay productive.

Read a Classic

Break open a Thomas Hardy novel or a Sherlock Holmes Collection. Even if you are a person who does not enjoy reading, you may be surprised how insightful, transportive, and healing a good old novel can be for the soul. Give yourself time to relax, stay longer in the bath with a book, or give yourself permission to languish all day with it on the sofa under your favourite pashmina blanket.

There’s more to life than the rat race and worries and anxieties about making ends meet. Sure, we all need stability and assurance, but it is essential to allow our minds to take a break from the mundane at times if we want to be ever struck by an extraordinary idea that could potentially change our life.

Remember to Get Out

For a lot of us, sometimes if we don’t have to go to work, our entire life’s routine collapses. We find ourselves suddenly untethered, and our everyday goals kind of start to dissolve. The important thing during this transition is to not let that happen. Carve up a routine for yourself and stick to it.

Make lists of things you want to tick off every day. They don’t have to be lengthy, arduous lists but even a simple list such as, – organize the closet, grab a coffee with Jane (is her magazine still hiring?), apply for three jobs, can do the trick. Crossing off things on a list is satisfying, and it automatically brings a sense of accomplishment and reassurance. It’s no good spending this precious time holed up in your room in your pajamas pretending to browse jobs. So, get out there and network.

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Good luck with your job hunt. Remember, you are not unemployed; you have a job. Your current job is to land your next job, and this is your moment of transition or career development. Perspective is everything, so keep your perspective positive, stay enthusiastic and watch good things unfold.

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