10 Things You Can Learn from Ritesh Agarwal, CEO of Oyo Rooms

Ritesh Agarwal – An Inspirational Personality

Born: – November 16, 1993 (Age 26 Years) in Bissam Cuttack, Rayagada

Nationality: – Indian

Net Worth: – $ 1 billion+

Education: – Indian School of Business and Finance

Organization Founded: – OYO rooms

Ritesh Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur, and the founder, known as the CEO of OYO Rooms, OYO Hotels & Homes, is the world’s swiftest growing hotel chain. He had founded the company only at the age of 19! At an early age, he was able to attain all – fame, business success, and financial prosperity. He was the one to come up with an innovative idea of hotel booking software when others did not think about it at all! Today OYO “on your own” is exponentially acing to be among the world’s biggest hotels chain. In this article, we are going to throw light upon the ten most constructive learnings derived from the successful life of Ritesh Agarwal.

1. Age is just a digit

According to surveys, it has been indicated that 30 is the age to hit your success. Well! Success Depends Upon Your Productivity, Not Your Age. Ritesh Agarwal is the top-notch example that has evolved this age bar synopsis. At just the age of 25 years, he is holding the net worth of 3500 crores. Moreover, Oravel Stays Private Limited, OYO, was established by Ritesh Agarwal in 2013 when he was just 19 years old. Yes, you read it right! Just 19! According to Ritesh, everyone can achieve success by just adding the right mix of dedication towards what they want to do!

2. Family Background does not Define You

Ritesh was born to a family that managed to run a small local shop. Simply if Ritesh had not opted for another path, he would have been busy supervising the shop alternately possessing one of the hugest hotel chains worldwide. Hence, proved that let it be a simple family background or a complex family background doesn’t define a person’s potentials or abilities!

3. Big Problems Tend to Leave Huge Impacts

With great success comes even greater problems, so did Ritesh faced! He thinks the bigger the problems are being faced, the higher the success level rises, and by the time one gets the hang of this, everything lies in their places! As a result, you take control; build confidence and efficiencies to pass on that faith to investors, employees, and customers. Therefore, it is a must to get out of your comfort zone and take risks as it is much better to take risks rather than having regrets!

4. Patience, Hard-Work and Faith – Means to reach your target

Patience puts us in direct control of ourselves as it gives us time to choose how to respond to a situation. Hard work also plays a fundamental role in accomplishing our goals as well as faith that builds up the desire to maintain a positive attitude required for success.

Looking upon the phenomenal success rate of Ritesh Agarwal, some problems even grew up while his company was aiming to reach heights. But these allegations did not stop him from eliminating patience, working hard, and faith. And BOOM! There came a pleasant phase, where OYO raised $25 million from San Francisco based Capital, existing investors, DSG Consumer Partners, and Light Speed Ventures. 

5. Hurdles – A gift from success

As success is a journey, so it requires consistency and dedication and not mere words. Many people do not appreciate the hurdles. But successful people must have overcome obstacles before reaching their desired goals. Likewise, Ritesh Agarwal also came across several hurdles and swore by that starting a business is not a smooth ride! His initial days were not full of ease at all.

From convincing investors to convincing people around was a great challenge for him. Despite nobody supporting him and being broke, he didn’t lose hope. As a consequence, OYO now exists among the leading companies. Whence, it’s always up to you how you react to the hurdles! Just remember the ones who last are the ones who don’t give up in difficult times.

6. With success comes criticism

In the past, OYO has reportedly faced criticism on social media for its services. Ritesh didn’t let these criticisms dominate over him; rather, it made him introspect. He made sure to work upon them and ensure that the customers get a pleasant experience. This act of Ritesh, assuming criticism as a key to improvement, has given a remarkable boost to his company’s productivity. Hence, criticism teaches you to listen, stay grounded, and aids in overcoming weaknesses, so take them as a price of success!

7. Your Passion Is your Ultimate Goal

Ritesh Agarwal always wanted to do something unique. But there are some circumstances in life that change the entire perception of the way you think, and at some point, you suddenly develop an interest that you haven’t even thought of! These situations occurred in Ritesh’s life as well. He joined The University of London, but soon after three days, he left because it was not his cup of tea.

Then he solely focused on starting his venture in hospitality. As opportunities are everywhere, Ritesh discovered that the hotel line is a great opportunity to work, so; he became utterly passionate to spark his venture. The urge to do what excites him is the main reason why Ritesh Agarwal has become the icon for millennials. So, you must just follow your passion, and success will surely head towards you!!

8. Failures – a secret ingredient in the success

The most fortunate and well-known people in the world have gone through the most failures in life. Even Ritesh had to endure! He could always grasp new ideas. Learning different things and acquiring knowledge has always been Ritesh Agarwal’s main domain. To achieve the greatest success, he had to embrace the prospect of failure. Now, believe it or not, it took Ritesh six immense falls before reaching to OYO! Take a trip down memory lane; you should never be afraid of failing. Stay steadfast and assume failures as a source of stairs towards your goal!

9. Confidence – Jump-Start to attain success

As, in life, there always comes the point which tries to lash us down, but the one who stays motivated and focused, fortunately, reaches the heights. Well, in one instance, Ritesh realized that the greatest struggle for a traveler is to seek a good and economical hotel. At this point, he felt a jiffy low, but he successfully kept himself motivated and was confident.

Therefore, Ritesh re-launched his business idea in 2013, and there came the OYO Rooms. As confident people believe in their ability to succeed, things started to take U-turn and get better for Ritesh. Soon after this, the business was hitting its height. Always remember, confidence is the biggest secret towards success! Those who trust themselves with the work they are doing will eventually get success!

10. Making Wise Choices- a fundamental base

Success is mostly a series of wise choices! Ritesh has completely opted for the best stable choices for OYO, and due to this, it does not have any international competitor who could take over its position. Thus, when we say about startup declining, OYO is far away due to the positive economic status in the international market. On this account, muse on that our future success is demonstrated by the choices we make in the present, so do make good choices!!


To put in a nutshell, learning’s adapted through Ritesh Agarwal’s life journey and his traits can impress anyone. His efforts behind OYO have drawn OYO to what it is today. You – the youth of today can take great lessons from the learning’s mentioned in this article in building up your future and earn great success!!

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