How to Survive in a Job You Don’t Like?

Well, at times, if not all the time, we force ourselves on work that we don’t like or have no enthusiasm for because of circumstances. Maybe you just need that experience to move to the next level or situation back at home demands that you earn a salary, even if not decent.

You may also be looking forward to having a flourishing career but give up in the process because of one thing or another. Either way, you need to survive to keep the grind so that your bank notifies you in the end month. If you find yourself in such a situation, what do you do when you don’t love your job?

Here are some survival tips that will help you retain that job and flourish in the career amongst all your colleagues:

New friends

Maybe you are just a lone ranger, and that is why you find it difficult to be amongst people. If you are an introvert, this is the time to break all your rules and start socializing with colleagues. You can make a few new friends who can help you get over personal issues such as anger and stress.


Patience is a great art that will get you out of many sticky situations. Have you decided on why you suddenly don’t like your job? Is it something that the management can amicably solve to accommodate you comfortably? Well, it would be best if you exhausted all options of making yourself comfortable before tendering that resignation letter. Could you please refrain from doing something that you’ll regret or come to haunt you later?

Learn new things

Maybe everything is just revolving around your department. If you are a bookkeeper, do you mind learning a few tips on basic accounts bookkeeping and recording transactions? You may not know the degree of passion and performance until only when you try it. Maybe you’ll just be delving on an avenue that will lead you to that career that gives you fulfilment and the run for your energy at work. 

Give the company a run for their money

Does your company offer exclusive compensation for extra hours? Well, if you don’t love the job, and it gives you a decent salary, then you’ll need to train yourself on how to like it if love is a bit stronger measure. You’ll not only get busy with yourself but also increases the base of your disposable income. The higher the allowances and compensations, the fatter your check gets on payday!

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Rechanneled extra energy

Finally, you’ve probably realized that all the extra energy you give to the company does not yield anything meaningful. Have you thought about focusing the same on something else? What talents and abilities do you have? Remember, this opportunity can be the perfect time to do whatever you are best at and thrive in the same. You can consider starting a business that you can oversee after your working hours. You’ll not only find fulfilment in this but also earn that extra cash that you need.

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